When domestic violence happens, seek help.

Domestic Violence is something that should be shrugged off. It is a violation of a person’s right. It inflicts more damage than the physical marks and injuries that it cause. It brings about trauma that can haunt the victim for life.

The sad thing about domestic violence is that not all victims know what to do and how they could deal with the situation. Some get even blinded out of their love for the abuser, and fail to break the vicious cycle of making up and violence. For those who may want out the first time they experience abuse, or those who make domestic violence a non-negotiable matter, it is best to know what the options they have and how they could deal with the matter and keep themselves safe.

So what should first time victims do and how should they deal with their situation? If it seems to be a matter of life and death or the injuries need medical intervention then the initial thing the victim can do is to get out of sight of the offender so the victim could call for help. Calling the police is best since they can investigate and put out a report, and more importantly secure the victim and children and help get medical help.

For those that are less life threatening, then there are hotlines meant to help victims of domestic violence. These hotlines are meant to provide confidential counseling to victims of Domestic violence so they could deal with the situation without compromising their safety. They could also ask for help from trusted family members who can pick them up in their home, together with their children so that they can all be ferried to safety in case another episode of domestic violence takes place.

At the end of the day, it is important to not let domestic violence slide, because the trauma does not only happens to the victim herself. It can also traumatize the children.